Entertainer Francisco Kaminski’s Mysterious Car Crash: Find Out the Latest Updates!

2023-10-04 11:42:07

During the early hours of this Wednesday, a car in the name of entertainer Francisco Kaminski appeared crashed and abandoned.

According to the information, the vehicle was involved in an accident around 3:30 a.m. on Route 78.

While the morning with you in the morning I was talking with Carabineros About this mysterious case, given that the driver of the vehicle was untraceable, the aforementioned communicator contacted the program.

“I am surprised, I appreciate the concern. Today I had a day off and I found this surprise. Nothing has happened to me, it is a car that perhaps I sold,” Kaminski clarified at the outset.

After they explained to him that it was an Audi Q3, the presenter indicated that “I sold that car a while ago, but because of the time it takes for the transfer to appear, the new owner has not appeared, but thank God I have nothing to worry about.” see and I’m here in my house, fine.”

“Don’t keep calling me”

Likewise, he announced that “I am going to try to contact this person to see if they need help.”

Finally, at the insistence of different people, the radio host asked that “people not continue calling me,” since he is on his day of rest.

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