Eoin Morgan | Team victory is important; Ready to stand out from England’s World Cup squad

England captain Eoin Morgan is set to retire from the squad to help England win the ICC T20 World Cup. The England captain has expressed his willingness to step down due to poor form of batting.

Although he thinks his captaincy is going well, Morgan says he is ready to stay out of the team if his poor form of batting continues.
In the recent IPL (IPL 2021) Kolkata Knight Riders reached the final, but Morgan’s batting has faded. In the IPL, Morgan has scored only 133 runs at an average of 11.08.

“This is what I always say. I’m ready to give myself another chance. I do not want to stand in the way of England’s success. I’m going through bad form in batting. But I do not think my captaincy is that bad. I want to see this as every challenge.” Morgan clarified.

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“I can not make a significant contribution to the field as I am not a bowler, but I’m confident that I can make some of my own contribution from the captaincy position. I’m playing for them, they ‘re going to stand up for what they want, and if they say no, they’s going to stand up. ” – Morgan said.

The Super 12 format of the T20 World Cup is a good opportunity for the best teams to advance in the tournament. Even the loss of one match in the previous tournaments had a significant impact on the way forward. However, Morgan said that even if he loses a match this time, he will not lose his qualification.

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Morgan has struggled to find rhythm in batting but has been able to maintain his excellence in captaincy. This is evidenced by the progress made by Kolkata Knight Riders in the second quarter of the IPL. Morgan’s record is also excellent with the England national team. Under Morgan, England won the 2019 ODI World Cup. In addition, England reached the final of the last T20 World Cup under Morgan’s captaincy. Morgan was rested by England in a warm-up match against India ahead of the World Cup in the UAE. In Morgan’s absence, Jose Butler led England. In the match, England lost to India by seven wickets.


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