Epic Games Freely Distributes Super Power Action Game ‘Control’

Epic Games Korea (CEO Park Seong-cheol) announced on the 11th that Remedi Entertainment’s action game ‘Control’ will be distributed free of charge through the Epic Games Store until the 17th.

As part of the Epic Games Store Mega Sale, Epic Games is offering free masterpiece games every week. As the first protagonist, ‘NBA 2K21’ was provided, and ‘Among Us’ and ‘Frostpunk’ were also distributed free of charge.

The last free game, ‘Control’, is a third-person action game produced by Remedi Entertainment, famous for its ‘Max Payne’ series and ‘Alan Wake’.

It follows new director Jesse Fayden’s quest to regain control after a New York secret agency is invaded by another world, and features superpowers, transformable weapons, and a responsive environment.

Epic Games will continue the Mega Sale until the 17th. In addition to the free ‘Control’ main part, extended content is sold at a 50% discount, and ‘Odd World: Soulstorm’, ‘Death Stranding’, and ‘Godfall’ are listed on the discount list. Unlimited additional discount coupons are also provided.

In addition, ‘Discord’, a messenger service that provides voice and video chat functions, was also launched on the Epic Games Store.

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