Epidemiological situation: 754 people live with AIDS in Vélingara – Lequotidien

The disease has been somewhat forgotten by the other pandemic, the coronavirus. However, AIDS is still there, infecting several hundred people. The Vélingara health district provided an update on the situation of the disease in the department. Dr. Omar Sané summoned the local press, yesterday Thursday, December 1, on the occasion of the celebration of World AIDS Day, to inform the public: so that no one is unaware of it. To everyone’s astonishment, he says: “During the first half of 2022, we had 754 people living with HIV, including 20 children aged 0 to 14, 518 women (13 pregnant women) and 12 children born to HIV-positive mothers. .” Figures that had the gift of raising sighs of astonishment in the batch of reporters who listened to the health technician. An astonishment born of the silence and the modesty with which the disease is covered in this locality. Dr Sané continues: “85% of people living with HIV (Pvvih) know their serological status in adults compared to 17% in children.” In addition, “71% of Pvvih who know their serological status are on Arv treatment, against 100% among children”. That’s not all. Dr Sané adds “that 90% of patients on Arv treatment have an undetectable viral load compared to 50% in children”.

Remember that the theme for this year’s World AIDS Day is: “Push for Equality.” In Vélingara, despite the good performance noted in the response to the pandemic, challenges remain to be met. Also to stick to the theme, additional efforts must be made by the public authorities and external partners. It is on this condition alone, according to health technicians, that access to care for a maximum number of patients will be guaranteed, health information could continue to be shared for responsible decision-making as well as the elimination of transmission. mother-child.
Par Abdoulaye CAMERA – [email protected]

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