Ernst-Dziedzic: Iran’s sanctions against the EU show that the Iranian regime is nervous

Greens worried about the conviction of an Austrian

Vienna (OTS) “The protests in Iran that have flared up again and the opposition that is forming in exile are increasingly driving the Iranian regime into a corner. So it is not surprising that just now an Austrian has been sentenced to seven years in prison for espionage on untenable allegations,” says the foreign policy spokeswoman for the Greens, Ewa Ernst-Dziedzic, in a first statement on the incident that has now become known.

“The Iranian Foreign Ministry is trying to balance the domestic instability through an intensive search for old and new allies in the ranks of other dictatorial regimes and continues to supply weapons for a war on Europe’s borders,” Ernst-Dziedzic notes.

According to inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Iran now has uranium with a degree of purity that is just below the level needed to build a nuclear bomb. Ewa Ernst-Dziedzic: “This is alarming and must be stopped immediately, in this case it will not happen with accommodating alone. I therefore welcome the expansion of sanctions against Iran. It is high time to make it unmistakably clear to the Iranian regime that provocations such as arrests of European citizens could lead to a long-term standstill of diplomatic relations and a complete isolation of the already weakened terrorist regime.”

In this context, Ernst-Dziedzic welcomes the clear announcement by the Foreign Ministry in Germany: Due to a death sentence against a German-Iranian, Germany is now expelling two Iranian diplomats.

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