Esaad Younes describes the artist “Yasmine Sabry” as a “psychopath” • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Egyptian artist, Yasmine Sabry, refused to answer the question of the Egyptian artist, Esaad Younes, in which she said: “What is the most missing thing in your life now?”

Sabri responded, during a meeting on the “Her Excellency” program, saying: “It is possible that he did not answer the question and change it.”

And Sabri indicated, in her response to the question: “The most important thing you said, praise be to God, was that it was far from you?”: “Brutal friends, meaning the one after me over the owners of two dimensions, you find that they were treating you in a way that is not the best thing.”

And about her suffering from loneliness, she explained: “I do not feel that I am actually alone. I am not alone at all.” A sign: “I am a little closed personality, and I do not talk about my personal matters, but I am not completely alone.” She replied, “You are with you.” Orcs or what.”

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