Estimated price of the RTX 4070: Further criticism of the price-performance ratio

von Maximilian Hohm
Nvidia’s Geforce RTX 4070 is a graphics card from the upper middle class that is very interesting for many gamers. The graphics card’s technical data is decent and should be sufficient for most current games at a decent level of detail and medium resolutions, but there is still a problem. The price-performance ratio has not improved over the previous model, the RTX 3070. Read more about this below.

Nvidia’s new Geforce RTX 4070 is rumored to be available on April 13th. to be published. The little sister of the Geforce RTX 4070 Ti is said to have an RRP of 599 US dollars, making it the cheapest graphics card with DLSS 3.0 and Ada Lovelace basis to date. Their AD104 GPU is said to have 5,888 CUDA cores and operate between a base clock of 1,920MHz and a turbo clock of 2,475MHz. On the memory side, there is an acceptable amount with 12 GiB GDDR6X on a 192-bit wide bus.

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With a power consumption of around 200 watts, it should also be more economical than the RTX 4070 Ti. This in turn can shine with 7,680 CUDA cores and a higher clock, but also costs 899 US dollars. Although the RTX 4070 is a cheaper graphics card, which could therefore be conceptually interesting for more gamers, the underlying problem does not change.

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3D-Center did some price-performance calculations and came up with an unfortunate result for both Nvidia and the gamers. Due to the smaller chip and the lower clock rates, the Geforce RTX 4070 has a slightly better price-performance ratio than the RTX 4070 Ti and a noticeably better than the RTX 4080 and RTX 4090, but it cannot stand out from the competition in the form of its direct Selling off its predecessor, the Geforce RTX 3070.

The RRP was created as the basis for calculation, which was still 499 US dollars for the RTX 3070. To what extent these graphics cards will differ in a real market situation remains difficult to assess. A Geforce RTX 3070 that takes it off 499 Euro in the PCGH price comparison is often no longer recommended from today’s perspective, since the 8 GiB graphics memory in current titles may well be too little and there are no longer any reserves for the future.

Those: 3D-Center

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