EU contract with AstraZeneca released heavy artillery

Following strong pressure from Brussels, the British company resolved to publish the agreement signed with theEU for the delivery of its vaccines. According to the community executive, this represents proof that AstraZeneca, whose product was approved by the European regulator on Friday January 29, is indeed violating its obligations to the Union.

“Crystal clear.” This Friday, January 29, after several days of tension, the contract for the supply of vaccines signed between the European Union and AstraZeneca, was finally unveiled, and according to Ursula Von der Leyen, this one “Is crystal clear”. “The orders [de doses] are binding ”, said the President of the Commission this morning in an interview with German radio Deuthsclandfunk. Later in the day, the vaccine received the long-awaited emergency authorization from the European Medicines Agency.

If the publication of this contract was necessary, it is because for several days, a wind of concern has been blowing on the Old Continent, after the British laboratory announced that it would reduce deliveries of doses of its vaccine for EU countries by the end of March. A position that gave life to a ping-pong of declarations between AstraZeneca and Brussels – concerning the binding nature (or not) of the commitments made by the company vis-à-vis the EU – until the outcome today: the publication of the contract.

The point to be clarified was the following: according to Pascal Soriot, CEO of the laboratory, the delays are due to problems in European factories. Problems that could not be overcome by recovering the doses produced in AstraZeneca factories in the United Kingdom


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