EU urges VW to compensate all customers in the diesel scandal

Volkswagen is coming under increasing pressure due to the inconsistent handling of compensation claims in the diesel scandal. We welcome the fact that VW has decided to make a comparison with large parts of German consumers, according to a statement published today by the Network for Cooperation in Consumer Protection (CPC), in which the responsible authorities of the EU countries are organized.

At the same time, VW is called on to contact consumers in all member states, “who are still looking for compensation in order to find appropriate solutions and close this chapter”. In this way, another year-long legal dispute could be avoided. Alternatively, VW could turn to the CPC authorities with the same goal.

EU Commissioner: “A question of trust”

“That is a question of trust,” said EU Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders of the dpa. He referred to the comparison in Germany, in which consumer advocates and VW agreed to pay customers between 1,350 and 6,250 euros, depending on the age and type of vehicle. In the Netherlands and Italy, courts had awarded consumers around 3,000 euros, said Reynders. VW should now send a clear signal to customers in other countries that they will be compensated in a similar way.

The EU Commission tried several times to talk to VW about it, but did not get a positive answer. The EU Commission also published a corresponding letter from Reynders to VW boss Herbert Diess.

The comparison in Germany, which consumer advocates and the Wolfsburg-based company agreed on in 2020, was accepted by around 245,000 customers. Shortly after the agreement, the Federal Court of Justice ruled that VW had systematically deceived its customers: If they had known that diesel cars with a certain engine emitted far more pollutants than could be measured on the test bench, they would probably have opted for a different vehicle. The group is therefore obliged to pay damages in Germany.

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