Europa Conference League: Lille vs. Slovan Bratislava Live Commentary and Match Highlights

2023-11-09 21:31:06


We felt it coming a little, and it was the scorer Cavriv who equalized after a good run to cut the ball into the corner from six meters. 1-1!

The ball flies in front of Chevalier’s goal

Another scare for the Lille defense, used from the goal.


Great wingspan from the Lille goalkeeper to counter the Slovak’s dive ball! We shouldn’t have said that Losc had done the hardest part…

First Lille changes

David, Ounas et Alexsandro replace Yazici, Zhegrova et Yoro.

On the Bratislava side, Cavric replaces Marcelli.


We didn’t really understand if it was an offside (as indicated on the screen) or an initial foul on Umtiti, but we take it!

Video refereeing also takes time

Not easy for shooter Barseghyan. The foul seemed relatively obvious at real speed, but the referees are perhaps checking the contact from before, which puts Umtiti down…


It’s a shame, so quickly after the opening score. Umtiti is on the ground in the area and attempts an intervention, on which he catches an attacker.

Marcelli sends a little thrill through the Lille ranks

The attacker strikes from the left and has time to swing with his right, but his shot escapes the target.

Video verification takes time

The goal is finally invalidated. Still 0-1!

Goal denied to Yazici for offside!

Slovan Bratislava has finally come to the dry cleaners… the better to get holes from Losc’s ball exits, Paulo Fonseca’s specialty! It ends with a deep pass for Yazici, who finishes with a lob before being flagged offside by the assistant.

Cabella makes Borjan shine on free kick

It was from a very tight angle, but the former Montpellier’s shot was curled and vicious. The Canadian goalkeeper is relaxing well.

The hardest part seems done for Lille

Despite the crossbar, Slovan Bratislava has hardly been dangerous for the moment (and has not been on target). A success would give Losc 4 points ahead at the top of the group, 2 days from the end.


Here it is, the Lille acceleration! Superb double one-two from the English pocket midfielder, with André first then Yazici then, and a little ball spiked over the goalkeeper to conclude!

Zhegrova finally hits

The Lilois winger steps back onto his left foot, but his shot is blocked. The Slovan goalkeeper is still attentive to catch the ball, which is mounted very high.

Savvidis is the first player warned this evening

The Greek midfielder from Bratislava is not named Steve.

Borjan anticipated well

The Canadian goalkeeper from Bratislava comes out of his area and clears at the last minute in front of Yazici. His compatriot Jonathan David might perhaps have had the quickness to put him in more danger…

Here we go again !

No change at the break.

0-0 at the break between Slovan Bratislava and Lille!

Losc has more than 70% possession of the ball, a header from a corner from a Bratislava defender ended up on Chevalier’s crossbar, and that’s pretty much all we have to tell you.

We will have to increase the pace to win, and to start creating gaps in the final third!

We mainly see strikes from afar

Barseghyan can’t find the target either. There was a lack of inspiration in the last meters on both sides. Bratislava seemed more fun in my friends’ Erasmus stories.

Bentaleb waters from far away

A somewhat desperate attempt which ended up in the Bratislava kop. And which perfectly illustrates Lille’s lack of delays in the last 30 meters.

Gudmundsson tente sa chance du droit

From the corner of the surface and his bad foot, it’s complicated. And that actually largely misses the point.


Kashia wins his duel with Thiago Santos on a corner. The Lille goalkeeper had not moved, and was very happy to see the ball pushed back by the crossbar. It’s finally coming to life!

The first opportunity is for Yazici

The Turk is attentive when an opponent slips and curls a shot just in front of the box. Borjan pushes back for a corner.

Free kick incredibly poorly played by Losc

Lille tries a combination with a ball placed on the ground in front of the area rather than in the box. It’s in a vacuum, and a Mastiff is even obstructing it.

Tiago Santos excites us a little

A first dribble at an opponent, before putting him back into the wind a few seconds later… The Lille side’s cross is unfortunately missed.

We’re not going to lie, we’re a bit bored

Losc has 72% ball possession, but lacks edge. And Slovan doesn’t really have a respondent…

Slovan is not dangerous from a corner either

Barseghyan’s set piece does not go beyond the near post.

Lille continues to monopolize the ball

UEFA indicates 77% possession while the clock shows 10:00. But there is a lack of shifts in the final third.

Losc has the ball

And the Mastiffs are patient for the moment, looking for the fault against the Slovak block.

The first corner is Lilois

It’s deflected by Umtiti at the near post, but it’s not on target or caught by anyone.

Kick-off with Bratislava!

The Slovaks have 6 points, Lille 7, top match in this Europa Conference League group!

Both teams arrive on the pitch

Tifo made from white and sky blue sheets in this packed 22,000-seat stadium.

The lineups are down, Jonathan David still on the bench

The compositions of Slovan Bratislava and Losc have fallen, and Jonathan David will have to chomp at the bit. The Lille striker will play a third match as a substitute in all competitions while Fonseca could have started him again this evening. David has not scored since September 20 against Ljubljana. For the rest, Paulo Fonseca will line up a solid team with turnover in defense. Samuel Umtiti and Tiago Santos are starters.

LOSC: Chevalier – Santos, Yoro, Umtiti, Gudmundsson – André, Bentaleb – Zhegrova, Gomes, Cabella – Yazici.

Lille at the top of its group

Trailing 1-0 for almost an hour, Losc managed to overthrow Slovan Bratislava two weeks ago thanks to goals from Yazici and Cabella (2-1). Thanks to this victory, Lille took the lead in this group, one point ahead of their Slovak opponent.

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Good evening everyone !

Leaders of their group and well on their way to qualifying, Lille face Slovan Bratislava this Thursday (9 p.m. on RMC Sport 1) for the fourth day of the Europa Conference League. To be continued in this live commentary on the RMC Sport website and application.

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