Europe is betting on coal and shelving the Paris Agreements to save its economy and its industry

This source of energy is therefore easily mobilized and costs much less than gas currently, even if coal has seen a price increase in recent months: “If we look at coal prices, the equivalent of one megawatt hour sells for around €45 – which is not cheap – compared to €130 for gas. Electricity produced with coal is cheaper, it can be found on European soil and we are not as dependent on Russia for it as for gas“, say Damien Ernst.

Electricity produced with coal, although expensive compared to previous years, is therefore cheaper than gas in this case.

Towards a lack of energy in Europe this winter

Nevertheless, despite the production of electricity by coal-fired power stations, Europe should not be able to compensate for the loss of production that gas-fired power stations allow, according to Francesco Contino, professor at the Ecole polytechnique of UCLouvain and expert in energy material: This will not be enough. Various players in the sector warn that we must limit our consumption.“, explains the professor.

For the UCLouvain professor, the lack of energy capacity and rationing will mainly hurt European industries, and indirectly consumers: “Heavy industry is going to be slowed down and that’s a bad signal, it’s a big fear for a lot of workers.

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