Europe, spectator of changes in the Middle East

DECRYPTION – As normalization between Israel and Morocco marks a new stage, the EU is struggling to adapt to regional changes.

It is a change that will profoundly transform the Middle East. After the reconciliation between Israel and the United Arab Emirates then Bahrain (Abraham’s accords), Morocco and Sudan in turn normalized their relations with the Hebrew state. When it has overcome divisions within the royal family, Saudi Arabia may one day follow the same path. From Washington to Tel Aviv, via Rabat and Abu Dhabi, this rapprochement pushed by Donald Trump is considered a “game changer” for the region, according to the untranslatable English expression. But Europe is confined for the moment in the role of skeptical spectator. “The Europeans underestimated the consistency of certain positions of Donald Trump in the region. They had not taken seriously his threats to withdraw from the Middle East. They downplayed the dynamic that drove new countries to join the Abrahamic Accords, explains Benjamin Haddad, European director of the Atlantic Council in Washington,

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