European Champions League Group Draw Results and Analysis: Lee Kang-in and Kim Min-jae’s Challenging Opponents Revealed

2023-08-31 22:55:52

Star News Reporter Lee Won-hee | 2023.09.01 07:55

Lee Kang-in. /AFPBBNews=News1 Kim Min-jae. /AFPBBNews=News 1 European Champions League group draw results. /AFPBBNews=News 1 ‘Golden Talent’ Lee Kang-in (22, PSG) was caught in the group of death. ‘Monster’ Kim Min-jae (27, Bayern Munich)’s opponent is Premier League prestigious Manchester United. Celtic’s opponents, who have a ‘Korean league trio’, are also formidable. The European Football Federation (UEFA) held the 2023-2024 European Champions League (UCL) draw ceremony at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco, France at 1 am (Korean time) on the 1st. The opponents of Europe’s top 32 teams in the ‘War of the Stars’ have also been decided.

PSG, the ‘France’s absolute first class’, where Lee Kang-in is active, entered the ‘everyone’ group of death. In Group F, they will face Dortmund in the German Bundesliga, AC Milan in Italy, and Newcastle in England. Dortmund was the Bundesliga runner-up last season. A representative player is Marco Reus, who plays for the German national team. AC Milan is a prestigious Italian club known to all European football fans, and Newcastle won the stage tickets for the stars for the first time in 20 years by finishing 4th in the Premier League last season. With a huge amount of capital, it achieved a huge power reinforcement.

In Group F, no matter who goes up or loses, there is nothing strange. It is evaluated that all four teams have the ability to challenge to the top of the UCL.

Group F with Paris Saint-Germain. /AFPBBNews=News1 Group A with Kim Min-jae’s Bayern Munich. /AFPBBNews=News 1 European Champions League group draw site. /AFPBBNews=News1PSG stands at a turning point for a new era. Instead of sending out superstars such as Lionel Messi (Inter Miami) and Neymar (Al-Hilal) this summer, they have achieved the necessary reinforcements for each position, such as Lee Kang-in and Mauel Ugarte. While PSG achieved overwhelming results in the league, UCL swallowed regret by being eliminated every time. It was the same when Messi was there. Attention is focusing on whether Lee Kang-in will solve his long-cherished wish. Kim Min-jae’s Bayern Munich (Germany) will enter Group A and face Manchester United (England), Copenhagen (Denmark) and Galatasaray (Turkey). Coincidentally, there was a competition between Munich and Manchester United for Kim Min-jae this summer. The winner was Munich. The two teams will also face off with pride in the UCL. Copenhagen won the Danish league last season, and Galatasaray also reached the top of the Turkish League last season. Both teams are considered dark horses that cannot be underestimated.

Kim Min-jae, who has risen to become the best defender in Europe, led his former team, Napoli (Italy), to the quarterfinals of the tournament, the best ever for the club, last season. This time, he will wear a Munich uniform and challenge for the championship.

Lee Kang-in (middle). /AFPBBNews=Kim Min-jae (left) concentrating on News 1 game. /AFPBBNews=News1 Kwon Hyeok-kyu (left) and Yang Hyun-joon (center). /Picture = Celtic SNS Also, Celtic, which has three Korean players, Oh Hyun-kyu, Yang Hyun-jun, and Kwon Hyuk-kyu, belongs to Group E and faces Feyenoord (Netherlands), Atletico Madrid (Spain) and Lazio (Italy). They are all formidable opponents. Feyenoord won the Dutch league title last season. Atletico, who visited Korea last July and digested the pre-season schedule, also has numerous supers. Lazio’s representative player is Chiro Immobile. Oh Hyun-kyu, Yang Hyun-jun, and Kwon Hyuk-kyu, who are about to debut in ‘War of the Stars’, also seized the opportunity to gain experience by dealing with the best players. Meanwhile, last season’s UCL winner Man City was assigned to Group G to face RB Leipzig (Germany), Crvena Zvezda (Serbia), and Young Boys (Switzerland). Compared to the other teams, we entered a fairly easy group. Man City will once again challenge the top with world-class players such as Elling Haaland and Kevin De Bruyne.

Meanwhile, Haaland was recognized for his performance last season and won the UEFA Male Player of the Year award. Haaland swept the Premier League and UCL top scorers while scoring 52 goals in all competitions. Aitana Bonmati (Barcelona) won the UEFA Women’s Player of the Year award.

Man City striker Erling Haaland. /AFPBBNews=News 1 European Champions League group draw site. /AFPBBNews=News1 European Champions League Trophy Big Year. /AFPBBNews=News1▶ 2023-2024 European Champions League group draw results Group A: Bayern Munich (Germany), Manchester United (England), Copenhagen (Denmark), Galatasaray (Turkey)
Group B: Sevilla (Spain), Arsenal (England), PSV Eindhoven (Netherlands), Lens (France)
Group C: Napoli (Italy), Real Madrid (Spain), Braga (Portugal), Union Berlin (Germany)
Group D: Benfica (Portugal), Inter Milan (Italy), Salzburg (Austria), Real Sociedad (Spain)
Group E: Feyenoord (Netherlands), Atletico Madrid (Spain), Lazio (Italy), Celtic (Scotland)
Group F: Paris Saint-Germain (France), Borussia Dortmund (Germany), AC Milan (Italy), Newcastle (England)
Group G: Manchester City (England), RB Leipzig (Germany), Crvena Zvezda (Serbia), Young Boys (Switzerland)
Group H: Barcelona (Spain), FC Porto (Portugal), Shakhtar Donetsk (Ukraine), Antwerp (Belgium).

European Champions League group draw. /AFPBBNews=News 1 English legend Joe Cole holding up a paper with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) written on it. /AFPBBNews=News1Elling Haaland (second from left) won the UEFA Male Player of the Year award. /AFPBBNews=News1

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