European Nokia chooses Google Cloud

Nokia chose Google Cloud. The two entities announce the signing of “a strategic collaboration to transform Nokia’s digital infrastructure”. The European telecoms equipment manufacturer will use the products and services of the Google Cloud suite. This collaboration is part of Nokia’s digital transformation. Such a partnership is the way for Nokia to speed up its digitization and gain flexibility, while controlling its operating costs.

In the current context, the consequences of this strategic collaboration go far beyond the framework of a simple Cloud service and hosting contract.

European telecom operators are in the process of deploying their 5G network. However, the nature of the information transferred to the Google Cloud has not been specified. This while the American government has a formidable weapon: the Cloud Act, which allows it to ask any American company to provide it with the information it has on its customers, whether American or not. At Bercy, the news was described as “embarrassing”.

In fact, in the name of national sovereignty, France has adopted a system requiring state services (ANSSI) to validate the choices of equipment and software made by operators for their network. Will this partnership be a game-changer? It is still too early to decide.

No more affinities?

In addition, the United States is at open war against Huawei, Nokia’s competitor in telecommunications equipment. However, the virtualization of telecom networks is a major axis of development for equipment manufacturers and their operator customers. The merger, were it only commercial, between Google and Nokia raises other questions, while Donald Trump has officially called for a takeover of Nokia by an American actor. Asked by Le Figaro on a possible merger between Google and Nokia, Google replied “do not comment on the rumors”.

The hypothesis of a takeover of Nokia by Microsoft is also regularly put on the front of the stage across the Atlantic, without ever succeeding. This scenario would be very ironic: Microsoft bought the mobile terminal branch of Nokia in 2014 … and buried it.


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