Even if the real name of ‘Park Hang-seo’s successor’ is mentioned… Why is the Vietnam Football Association keeping silent? [신짜오 베트남]

[신짜오 베트남-225] A while ago, there was a news that made the Vietnamese soccer world buzz. Vietnam national football team leader The news that former Japan national soccer team coach Philip Troussier has been appointed as the successor to Park Hang-seo.was

Park Hang-seo, head coach of Vietnam’s national soccer team. /Photo = Yonhap News

Troussier is a familiar figure in Korea as a coach who led the Japanese team during the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup. He has always been compared to coach Guus Hiddink, who led the Korean team at the same time. He also had a past where he lost 1-0 in the match against Japan and Korea and suffered from hard theory.

In 2002, coach Trussier won the love of Japanese soccer fans by helping Japan, which had reached the World Cup stage as the host country at the time, reach the round of 16.

But unfortunately, that love didn’t last long because rival Korea wrote a ‘miracle story’ that made it to the semifinals.

In fact, just getting Japan into the round of 16 deserves to be regarded as a great achievement, but they faced protests from Japanese fans who said, “Korea reached the quarterfinals, but Japan only finished in the round of 16?”

필립 트루시에 베트남 U-19 축구대표팀 감독 <VN익스프레스 제공>“/>      <button class= enlarge photo
Vietnam U-19 soccer team head coach Philippe Troussier . / Photo courtesy of VN Express

Afterwards, Troussier coached in Morocco and Qatar, but failed to produce any noticeable results. From the point of view of coach Trussier, his achievements at the time of leading the Japanese national team can be regarded as his ‘career high’, but it can be unfair that he is not evaluated for that.

The reason Troussier is speculated to be Park’s successor is because he has been coaching the Vietnam U-18 national team since September 2019. Since he is a coach who knows the Vietnamese football situation well, it is expected that he will naturally take over the position of coach Park.

However, as soon as the related report came out, the Vietnam Football Association (VFF) made an announcement denying the report. The VFF side said, “Nothing has been confirmed yet. We are still looking for a new manager and have not made a final choice.”I did.

And the comments added are impressive. “We will not announce who the new manager will be until Park Hang-seo’s contract expires,” he declared.it did. The local media said this It is interpreted as the respect that the Vietnamese football community can express to coach Park.do.

Looking at the circumstances, it is possible that the rumor about Trudeau being appointed as director is true. It is only an interpretation that the VFF side is delaying the official announcement for fear of causing even a small scratch to director Park.

It is also a burden for VFF that some fans in Vietnam raise controversy over “whether coach Trudeau is appropriate to replace coach Park”. The word ‘brilliant’ is not enough to describe Park’s performance as he led the Vietnamese team. He went back and forth between the U-23s and the national team, where he lifted numerous trophies and led the national team to the final World Cup qualifiers for the first time in Vietnam’s history.

Taking over as director Park is like accepting the ‘Poisoned Holy Grail’. You can’t surpass director Park with tolerable results. VFF will be even more cautious.

Coach Park recently declared a ‘beautiful farewell’ with the Vietnam national soccer team. He decided to put down the baton for the last time at the 2022 ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) Mitsubishi Electric Cup competition, which is now being held. The AFF Championship is the most prestigious biennial tournament in Southeast Asia. It is also called the Southeast Asian World Cup.

What’s even more surprising is that Park is leading Vietnam in his last tournament, and he is making great achievements. In the first game, against Laos, a huge ‘6-0’ victoryReaped. It is the largest margin of victory since Park coached the Vietnamese team. Even in the last competition, coach Park is writing a new record.

Let’s go back in time 20 years and go back to 2002. Park Hang-seo was just an assistant coach to Guus Hiddink. Trussier was the coach of the national team leading Korea’s rival Japan. 20 years later, in 2022, the two met in Vietnam, not knowing if they would touch the baton of the national team baton. And to put it bluntly, even if Trussier leads Vietnam, it will be very difficult to surpass Park Hang-seo’s reputation with probability.

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Vietnam v Laos Match Result . /Photo = AFF Championship Twitter

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