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Liverpool suffered a painful defeat on Wednesday night, losing 2-0 at the home of city rivals Everton, leaving them three points behind leaders Arsenal. He played 63 minutes in the match as a starter Dominik Szoboszlaibut just like the team, it didn’t really go well for him either – and the Liverpool papers they were not even sparedLiverpool Echo and This is Anfield only gave it a grade of 3.

When he walked off the field at halftime, it was the first visible sign that he was on the field. He was a real ghost, more concerned with selling the ball than anything else in the second half. Based on his recent performances, he should not start this season

written by about the captain of the Hungarian national team, This is Anfield, while the Liverpool Echo only stated briefly that he had a powerful foray into the penalty area, and did not show anything other than that.

Dominik Szoboszlai’s performance against Everton.

How big the disappointment is, he gives it back Virgil van Dijk statement, the team captain said that although they will fight until the end, with such a game they will not have a chance to win the championship.

Everyone should look in the mirror and ask themselves: did I give it my all? Do I really want to win the championship?

He told a holland.

Liverpool will face West Ham United, Tottenham, Aston Villa in the season and Wolves in the final round.

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