Everything you need to know about the Monday battle

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Mondays and Fridays they are in the Justice of soccer. ABC tells you everything you have to know so that it is played or not on these two days of the week

Can you play Monday and Friday, or can’t you?

The holder number 2 of the Mercantile indicates that the Federation has power in Spanish football and can decide. The FEF affirmed in its defense, before the demand presented by the League, that the fan refuses to go to football on Mondays. Judge Sánchez Magro does not value that extreme and only points out that it can be played on Mondays and Fridays if the League pays for both concessions. Right now there would be no football in those days because the employers have not negotiated it.

Will it be possible to play Monday and Friday in these remaining eleven days?

Yes, because the President of the Federation has accepted that the League can finish this very rugged championship as soon as possible and the employers will not have to pay for occupying Mondays and Fridays with games behind closed doors. But Rubiales will ask for money for playing those two days next season.

Is it a final judgment?

No. The Professional League announces that it is appealing the verdict. The judge does not argue that the fans refuse to go to the fields on Mondays and he values ​​everything in the payment of a consideration to the FEF, which has the power. The employers analyze that this is not a question of money, but of substance, freedom to play. He does not understand why it is necessary to pay to lift the veto.

Should the Administration intervene?

It doesn’t have to. The judge states that it would be good for the Higher Sports Council to act because it has already had to do so previously and has obtained results.

Will the Professional League pay in the future to play Monday and Friday?

This season it has not. Once the verdict is known, we will see if you wait for the result of your judicial appeal or if you negotiate. Club presidents are tired of paying and the bosses are considering playing their ten games a day on Saturdays and Sundays. .


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