EVO 2022 closes, the last live broadcast hides the easter eggs of “King of Power” | 4Gamers

After a weekend of fierce battles, the world’s largest fighting game event EVO 2022 ended today. It is interesting that the Hong Kong movie “Power King” was actually used by the conference as the final closing Easter egg.

After the official live broadcast today, the official character card was performed as usual, but just after the end of the last character card (the film time was about 15:22:15), the last scene of the movie “The King of Power” suddenly jumped out. , and the classic last line “Everyone can go home!” (the English version means “you are all free”), this stalk that many people in the Chinese circle know, but it was officially used by EVO as an easter egg, really interesting.

This year’s Taiwanese contestants participated in a number of projects, and they won the most in “The King of Fighters XV”. ZJZ, ET, and Xiao Hei took the championship, the second and the third place respectively. In addition, in the “Fighting Whirlwind V” project, the five oil kings also played. Into the quarterfinals, and finally won the fifth place.

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