Evo Morales against Heraldo Muñoz for Silala ruling: “Use intrigue to get political gain” | International

“Former Chilean Foreign Minister Heraldo Muñoz talks about “triumph”. As always, he uses intrigue to get political gain,” Evo Morales tweeted annoyed after the ruling by the Court in The Hague that determined that the Silala is an international river.

The former president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, made a harsh accusation against Chilean Foreign Minister Heraldo Muñozaccusing him of using “intrigue to get political gain”, after the ruling of the International Court for the waters of Silala was known.

“The International Court denied the 5 claims of #Chile for the use of the Silala waters and recognized the sovereignty of #Bolivia over that natural resource and its channeling. But former Chilean Foreign Minister Heraldo Muñoz speaks of “triumph.” As usual, uses intrigue to extract political revenuehe tweeted Morales.

The former president also assured that the United Nations high court established that his country “has the sovereign right to dismantle that infrastructure and any reduction in the flow of water from Silala to Chile will not constitute a violation” of Bolivia’s international obligations.

“The world’s highest court of justice also determines the equitable and reasonable use of water within the framework of continued cooperation between the two countries. This failure that recognizes our sovereignty over the Silala Waters is the product of a State policy”, Morales added.

He also thanked former ambassadors, former foreign ministers, former ministers and international experts “who worked with dedication and patriotism in this cause.”

In March 2016, being president, Morales announced that he was going to file a lawsuit in the ICJ for what he considered an abusive use of the Silala water resource by Chile.

However, Chile was ahead of it and filed a lawsuit in June of that year in the same court to defend its theory that it is an international watercourse that must be shared, to which Bolivia responded with three counterclaims.

The ICJ stressed this Thursday in its ruling that “it is not called upon to make any decision” on the dispute between Bolivia and Chile over the waters of Silala, since the parties agree that It is an international channel, a position that Chile has defended from the beginning.

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