Exchange rate: How much does the dollar cost during the morning of this Wednesday, November 18?

The price of the dollar, during the morning of this Wednesday, November 18, trades S/ 3.60 at the interbank level.

Yesterday Bloomberg reported that US currency fell about 1.72% in the Peruvian market.

The uncertainty generated after political crisis that caused the presidential vacancy would be dissipating with the election of Francisco Sagasti to the position of President of the Republic.

In total, the dollar accumulates a growth of 8.72% so far this year in the Peruvian market, according to the Central Reserve Bank (BCR).

According to the portal qué, Banks buy the dollar at an average of S / 3.57 and sell it at S / 3.68.

In the parallel market the green ticket the purchase is quoted S / 3.64 and the sale S / 3.68.

It should be remembered that this morning the price of green ticket switch to As soon as the exchange session starts, it will be today at approximately 9:00 am.


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