Exciting first steps with the Mac mini M1

The three Mac Apple Silicon have arrived at the editorial office! After our first use of laptops and while we wait for our full tests, here’s a quick review of my first few hours with a new generation Mac mini. I received the “high-end” model in basic configuration, a machine with 8 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage sold for € 1,029.

The Mac mini’s box hasn’t changed any more than the Mac mini itself.

The first approach is very simple: Apple has not jostled its Mac mini Intel to add an Apple Silicon chip. The external dimensions are strictly identical, and the box has not changed either. Inside, the Mac mini of course, a black power cable and some documentation as well as a single Apple sticker, but a big and gray one.

As a reminder, this new Mac Apple Silicon is only offered in silver version, space gray is still reserved for Mac mini Intel which remain in the catalog. From there to thinking that Apple is preparing a Mac mini Pro for us in the future, there is only one step that I have already taken without hesitation:


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