Exciting Updates in American Truck Simulator: New Special Transport Routes and Challenging Missions Await!

2022-02-13 08:00:00

(Motorsport-Total.com) – After the update to version 1.43 for American Truck Simulator, which was released in mid-December 2021, SCS Software’s efforts to further improve truck simulation have of course not stopped. A closed or open beta phase for version 1.44 is not yet taking place, but there is already some information about the new version. The truckers namely new special transport orders (see the first screenshots here) bring.

A special transport on the highway

The developer studio has announced 8 new routes. “Similar to our previous additions of new special transport routes for Euro Truck Simulator 2, our team also wanted to provide additional content for our drivers in American Truck Simulator. These new routes will be implemented in the states of Arizona/Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, New Mexico, Idaho and Colorado,” they explain.

The question of where exactly these new routes lead and from where they start will also be answered. Lewiston to Sandpoint, Burlington to Lamar, Salina to Cedar City, Omak to Yakima, Dalles to Salem, Santa Fe to Socorro, Cheyenne to Rock Springs and Winnemucca to Carson City await with “unique missions that will undoubtedly be a real challenge.” Not only the oversized load to be transported but also the route should demand a lot from even experienced ATS long-distance drivers.

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