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Yesterday (7/27) the 4th round of vaccination appointments were opened. People over 38 years old will start the vaccination as soon as this Friday. The command center estimates that 1.44 million people will receive notifications, but there are many oolong situations. Readers asked “Apple News” complained that it was clear that the AZ vaccine was only finished last week, but I received a newsletter yesterday, and the online appointment was really successful. The question was a loophole in the vaccine platform. In response, the command center responded that after the vaccination, the medical institution needed it. Upload vaccination information within 1 day. It may be that it was not uploaded or failed to upload, resulting in no vaccination record. Repeated newsletters are received. It is recommended that the public inform the medical institution where the vaccination was originally performed, and the institution should upload it again.

The fourth round of the “COVID-19 Vaccine Intention Registration and Appointment System” opened yesterday, including people over 38 years of age, those who cancelled appointments due to the impact of the typhoon in Yilan County or Keelung City, and the third round of SMS has been received but not yet Approximately 1.44 million people who completed the appointment will receive appointment newsletters one after another, and they can make appointments online for AZ vaccination.

Mess 1: Typhoon cancels appointment and can’t wait for the newsletter

But yesterday, many people have not been able to wait for the newsletter notification. They only found that they could make an appointment directly after logging into the vaccine platform. Although the command center commander Chen Shizhong said that the newsletter is only a reminder, and those who are eligible can make an appointment directly. It also emphasizes that the appointments are all at the same time. Yes, but it has caused many people to be confused, eager, and even missed the opportunity to give priority to the vaccination day.

Mess 2: You can repeat the appointment after the vaccine

However, there is more than one accident. Some people, Mr. Chen, told Apple News that his wife belongs to the ninth category. She had been vaccinated last Thursday (7/22), but received a text message yesterday afternoon. He said that he could make an appointment, and his wife went to the vaccine appointment platform to log in again. She really succeeded in repeating the appointment and questioned the loopholes in the system.

In this regard, the command center spokesperson Zhuang Renxiang said that medical institutions need to upload vaccination data within 24 hours. It may fail to upload or the format of the data may cause the upload to fail, and the health passbook APP will not display its vaccination records. It is recommended The public informs the medical institution where the vaccination was originally vaccinated, and asks the institution to upload it again.

Due to the failure to upload the vaccination information, there is no record of the first dose of this person, so I received the SMS repeatedly and made an appointment successfully. Zhuang Renxiang reminded that there must be enough time between the two doses of vaccine. The interval is too short. Although there is no risk, it cannot effectively enhance the protection. Long intervals are not a problem. If the first dose of vaccination information is successfully uploaded and the interval between the two doses is less than 10 to 12 weeks, only the second dose can be registered, but the text message cannot be received.

Chaos 3: Go Modena was told to fight AZ

In addition, the public Ms. Chen said that she had done delivery services before the epidemic, but later also registered her vaccination wishes online, and checked Modena only. On July 19, she received a newsletter from the supervision office. The vaccine was vaccinated on July 22, but it was not Modena, but AZ vaccine. I did not expect to receive a text message from the supervision office again on Monday (7/26) evening, asking her to get the first dose of AZ vaccine. She was quite surprised.

According to the investigation of “Apple News”, the third round of newsletters was sent on July 20, but Ms. Chen received the newsletter on July 19. I received the vaccination notification newsletter sent by the supervisor. Similarly, the fourth round of newsletter was sent on July 27. Miss Chen received the newsletter on July 26 because of the seventh type of qualification, which should be caused by repeated transmissions by the supervisory office.

Since Ms. Chen wanted to register and only checked the Modena vaccine, she received the newsletter twice because of the seventh category, AZ vaccine. Not willing to register, Modena also received the newsletter to notify the AZ vaccine.

(Lin Fangru, Xu Zhijia/Report by Taipei)


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