“Exclusive First Look at iPhone 15 Design: 6 New Features Unveiled by AppleTrack YouTuber”

2023-05-26 04:52:00

As the day of Apple iPhone 15’s appearance is getting closer and closer, there are more and more related revelations. Recently, the well-known YouTuber “AppleTrack” has obtained a full range of iPhone 15 model machines. Although these model machines cannot be turned on, they can still give fruit fans the first Looking at the exterior design of the iPhone 15, according to the unboxing video, there are 6 highlights in the appearance of the iPhone 15 model.

1. The whole series adopts rounded borders:

“AppleTrack” said that although the iPhone 15 series seems to be no different from the iPhone 14 series, in fact, the iPhone 15 series uses a larger rounded border, and the corners are more rounded than the iPhone 14 series, which improves the grip.

The entire iPhone 15 series will be replaced with a frosted back cover. (Picture / flip from AppleTrack YT)

2. Replace the cheap version with a frosted back cover:
The current iPhone 14 series uses glossy back covers on affordable models, and high-end Pro models only have frosted back covers to highlight the version differences. However, it can be seen from the iPhone 15 model that this time the entire series of models have been replaced with frosted back covers. .

3. The whole series is changed to USB-C charging port:
In response to the new EU regulations, the entire iPhone 15 series has been changed to a USB-C charging port for the first time, but there are rumors that if the original or officially certified transmission cables and accessories are not used, the charging or data transmission speed may be affected.

4. The whole series has a dynamic island:
Although the model machine cannot be turned on, it can be seen that the screen bangs of the affordable iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus have disappeared and have been replaced with a hole-digging design, which confirms that the entire iPhone 15 series will have a dynamic island function.

5. The Pro model uses a titanium alloy frame:
The iPhone 15 Pro model will use a new titanium alloy frame, which is tougher and more wear-resistant than the current stainless steel frame of the iPhone 14 Pro, and the titanium alloy frame will be changed to a matte surface, which is not easy to slip off fingerprints, but the model machine does not. The titanium alloy frame was not replaced.

The iPhone 15 Pro model changes the mute button to a push type. (Picture / flip from AppleTrack YT)

6. The Pro model changes the mute button to an action button:
It can be seen from the model machine that the iPhone’s classic mute button has been changed to a push type on the Pro model, just like the action button on the Apple Watch Ultra, and the function on the button can be customized.

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