[Exclusive/Novotel Storm]Star private school insists on frequent pleadings from the parents of the North Korean meeting, rejected and crashed | Apple News | Apple Daily

The cluster infection incident caused by the Novotel Hotel has raised the alarm for the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Some parents in Taichung complained to the “Apple News.” The school’s request for a suspension was rejected. “It’s disregarding the safety of students at all, which is distressing.” The Taichung City Education Bureau stated that the epidemic prevention measures are in line with the guidance of the central government and cannot force the school to cancel the meeting. It can only require wearing a mask and keeping a safe distance. , The DPRK meeting is only held once a week, and teachers and students are required to wear masks. If the epidemic command center has new instructions, it will fully cooperate.

The parents attached two photos and complained that the domestic epidemic situation continues to spread, but the Taichung City Xiaoming Girls’ High School is still holding hundreds of people’s meetings! This kind of gathering activities disregarded the safety of students and responded to the school many times, but the school stated that the flag raising and the North Korean meeting were necessary activities.

The complainant emphasized that there were many students who did not wear tight masks in a meeting of hundreds of people, and even a few of the teachers did not actually wear masks. The total time for the North Korean meeting is as long as 30 minutes. With the current epidemic situation heating up, this kind of disregard for the safety of students is really sad.

Liu Ruiqiong, the principal of Xiaoming Girls’ High School, said that the pilgrimage was held outdoors yesterday (3rd) morning, and the pilgrimage is still going on because some matters must be publicly announced to teachers and students. “The frequency has been reduced to only once a week.” Teachers and students are required to wear masks. This is related to the health and safety of teachers and students, and they will not neglect it. She said that if the epidemic command center issues new and stricter instructions, the school will definitely cooperate.

Wang Shuyi, the chief secretary of the Taichung City Education Bureau, said that Taichung’s epidemic prevention is closely cooperating with the central government, and it is now clearly observed to maintain a social distance of 1 meter, otherwise you must wear a mask. Is it necessary to hold rallies such as the North Korean assembly? Or how many times a week? The Education Bureau will not intervene, allowing schools to make decisions flexibly. So far, the bureau has not received any complaints from students’ parents.

Huang Gaobin, the commander of the Central District of the CDC and the deputy director of the China Affiliated Medical School, said that this wave of epidemics has become more serious, mainly in Taipei, New Taipei and other districts. The central area has not yet reached the level of a “first-level warning zone”; For medical institutions where suspected patients may be infested, “Beyond the hospital, don’t be overly nervous.” He believes that school meetings and flag raising activities can be carried out normally as long as they wear a mask. (Reported by Huang Renying / Taichung)

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