Exclusive Partnership: Ledger x Sotheby’s Offers Limited Edition Crypto Wallets and Free Wallet Giveaway

2023-10-03 17:01:15

Ledger, the manufacturer of crypto cold wallets, entered into an exclusive partnership with the legendary auction house Sotheby’s. As part of this collaboration, Ledger will provide wallets for the auction house’s best digital works and NFT collections. So from now on, winners of Sotheby’s NFT auctions will receive a limited edition Ledger x Sotheby’s branded Nano X wallet. According to the plans, Ledger Stax will also be included in the package later. Ledger distributes free wallets for the first time According to the announcement made on October 3rd, the manufacturer will cover the cost of the wallets for a year. We are not talking about a particularly large amount, looking at the sums of Sotheby’s auctions. The Nano X can be purchased for $149 and the Ledger Stax for $279, according to Ledger’s website. As part of the package, Ledger will also support Sotheby’s clients in portfolio management and digital asset safekeeping strategies. In addition, as part of the Ledger Academy, a series of tutorials will be made available in Sotheby’s Metaverse to familiarize collectors with the concept of web3. This is not the first such partnership for Ledger. They also collaborate with Nike-owned virtual shoe maker RTFKT and luxury fashion house Fendi. The deal with Sotheby’s auction house, however, is a first in terms of offering free wallets to first-time customers. The auction house has already sold many millions of dollars of NFTs, most recently, for example, from the collection of the bankrupt Three Arrows Capital. In 2021, they had an income of 100 million dollars in the NFT category. However, it was an outstanding year, since then the market of NFTs also fell slightly, along with the entire crypto market.
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