Exeed plant opened in Uzbekistan: three models and export prospects

2023-05-19 20:33:05

A plant for the production of cars of the Exeed brand was opened in Uzbekistan. The launch of the enterprise in the Syr Darya was announced by the country’s President Shavkat Mirziyoyev via video link from China, where he is on a state visit. “Chinese cars” found out the details about the future project.

Exeed plant in Uzbekistan: official information

Exeed will be produced in Uzbekistan by Asaka Motors. Its general director Akramjon Tukhtabayev noted at the opening ceremony of the enterprise that the plant will be launched “in accordance with the tasks set by the head of state for the development of the automotive industry.”

Fragment of the opening ceremony of the Exeed plant in Uzbekistan

“This is a big project that is of great importance for the economic and social development of our country. The new plant will use modern technologies and progressive production methods, which will allow to produce high-quality and competitive products, – said Akramjon Tukhtabaev

At the first stage, it is planned to assemble three Exeed models from components at the 15-hectare plant – these are the LX, TXL and VX models. The estimated production volume is 20 thousand cars per year. At the same time, after the transition to a full cycle, the output will increase to 150 vehicles per year.

Why production “moved” from Tashkent

Exeed LX in Uzbekistan plant in Syrdarya

One of the first Uzbek-made Exeed LX crossovers

Recall that in February, Chinese Automobiles reported on the construction of an Exeed plant in Uzbekistan. Then equipment was already delivered to the workshops of the enterprise. Only these workshops were located not in the Syr Darya, but in … Tashkent.

– The move is associated with the opportunity to immediately implement production at a larger site and territory, which was originally planned as a further site (for CKD production). Since the opportunity to organize production in the Syrdarya appeared earlier than planned, it was decided to immediately launch production at this site, which is a significant advantage for the development of Asaka Motors International’s business, including with the expectation of a further transition to a full cycle of car production, – explained to “Chinese cars” the unexpected relocation of the enterprise in the company

Exeed car plant in Syrdarya, Uzbekistan

Fragment of the opening ceremony of the Exeed plant in Uzbekistan

A specific date for the start of production of Exeed in Uzbekistan was not announced at the opening ceremony. But it will become known soon.

– A complete installation of equipment was carried out at the production site in Tashkent, installation supervision and commissioning were completed. In this regard, no difficulties arose with the movement of equipment. At the moment, 90% of the installation of equipment has already been completed, the finishing touches remain, Asaka Motors told us.

When and where will they sell Exeed Uzbek assembly

The company added that all three models will be produced at the plant at the same time. In this case, the cars will immediately go on sale.

– An export model is not envisaged for the next six months. An internal study demonstrates a high level of interest in such a segment of cars, so priority will be given to the sale of cars on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the company emphasized.

Exeed in Uzbekistan LX TXL VX

The Exeed line in Uzbekistan will consist of locally assembled LX, TXL and VX crossovers

As for the possible export of products, work on its study will begin after the start of sales in the domestic market. But “negotiations with partners from neighboring countries to determine the demand and competitive environment” are already underway. It should be noted that the production of Exeed cars will also be launched in Kazakhstan. Rumors about a similar project periodically appear in Russia.

– Tentatively, the launch ceremony of the start of sales will be held in mid-June this year. As for the development of the dealer network, this year it is planned to open 12 dealerships in Tashkent, Samarkand, Fergana, Navoi and Urgench, Asaka Motors said.

In the capital, two showrooms will be opened in the very near future.

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