“Exhausted by the stupidity” of some patients, a doctor from Ardennes gives a rant

What should I say to your grandfather (…) when he asks me ‘Doctor, am I going to die’?“, asks doctor Pascal Dubois to his”dear patients“. General practitioner in Vireux-Molhain, he wrote them a letter, on November 16, before it was shared hundreds of times on Facebook. A cry from the heart that intervenes as positive cases of Coronavirus have multiplied in the Ardennes, a department very affected by this second wave.

“Exhausted by the stupidity and irresponsibility of many of you”

In his letter, the doctor confides that he “think about quitting medicine very soon“because it is exhausted,”by the stupidity and irresponsibility of many of you in the face of Covid-19“. Pascal Dubois wonders, even annoys : “explain to me how a single person manages to infect six homes? How are cautious elderly people positive for coronavirus? How do some people manage to multiply PCR tests?

To these three questions, the doctor will find an answer: these people do not respect, according to him, the sanitary measures and the confinement. “They continue to rub shoulders with those around them, their family, their friends, share the same vehicle and even have a drink, a coffee … as if the Covid-19 were for others“he writes.

“I’m tired of seeing patients suffer”

In his rant, Pascal Dubois urges his patients to apply sanitary measures, to wear the mask and to require it to any person encountered. “The mask and the washing of the hands are effective, the proof, every day for months I auscultate patients infected by the virus and I am not contaminated and the staff of the two Vireux either“, testifies the doctor who adds: “I’m tired of seeing patients and their families suffer knowing that contamination could have been easily avoided“.

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