Expert Tricks for Achieving Serenity and Letting Go: Your Ultimate Guide

2023-07-29 15:00:00

And with the following ultimate expert tricks, you can flip the switch to more serenity permanently. Have fun!

Relax and let go

Rest periods are very important, otherwise stress becomes chronic and makes you ill. How about some meditation? It promotes a feeling for what is good for you – and what or who you want to let go of. Just knowing it is liberating.

Focus on the good

Problems we often perceive more strongly than anything beautiful. Stress and worries appear increasingly greater. But it also works the other way around. Therefore, consciously direct your attention more often to everything that is good – and feel fuller gratitude happy about it. Tip: it is best to write down five great things a day.

sports away stress

Movement is an enormous tension killer because our body breaks down stress hormones and in return releases happiness messengers. Jacob Drachenberg advises entering time for sporting activities just like other appointments in the calendar. Also important: Find the sport that you really enjoy – whether jogging, cycling or Zumba.

Stand up for his needs

Women in particular tend to put their own concerns aside – and then often unconsciously expect the same from others. But nobody can do it that well
take care of yourself like you do yourself. Therefore: Stand up for your needs with healthy selfishness. Keep saying yes, but only to the right things – and therefore also to yourself.

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