Experts say that structures “hold” in the face of seismic pressure in Granada

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Granada, Jan 30 (EFE) .- Experts from the Andalusian Institute of Geophysics (IAG) of the University of Granada have inspected this Saturday the main structures and buildings of the municipality of Santa Fe to assess the response to the chain of earthquakes accumulated for a week and have highlighted that they “endure” the seismic pressure.

The head of the prevention area of ​​the Andalusian Institute of Geophysics and Physical Disaster Prevention of the University of Granada, Mercedes Feriche, explained to Efe that the staff has dedicated the day to evaluating the effects of the earthquake swarm on people, buildings and services in order to check how the accumulated damages have evolved.

“The structures are holding up quite well, as is their obligation,” summarized Feriche, who recalled that in the face of an accumulation of tremors such as the one that affects Granada, the important thing is that the structure responds adequately to earthquakes, even if it causes damage to partition walls or plasters.

He has detailed that, to dissipate energy, the structure of buildings has to deform, which causes other elements to break or detach, a “normal” behavior.

This expert has reiterated that the duration of this swarm of earthquakes that worsened a week ago now cannot be predicted, and has pointed out that the series can last “one more week, one more month or six months.”

“We have studied the seismic series very thoroughly but none had had five earthquakes of more than 4 degrees, so there is more uncertainty in the predictions,” he summarized.

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