Explore the Olympic Glory of Beijing: Newly Upgraded Beijing Olympic Museum Reopens to the Public

2024-02-04 02:32:00

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, February 3 (Reporter Li Chunyu) Located south of the “Bird’s Nest” and close to the “Big Snowflake” main torch platform of the Winter Olympics – on the occasion of the second anniversary of the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Beijing Olympic Museum passes by After more than two years of upgrading and renovation, it reopened to the public on the 3rd, showing the Olympic glory of the “Double Olympic City” through more than a thousand exhibits and a large amount of text, pictures and video materials.

The Beijing Olympic Museum was founded in 2009, covering a total area of ​​about 26,000 square meters. It is a permanent special museum with the theme of the Olympic Games. It is responsible for the research, collection, protection, display, collection and education of Olympic collections. After the upgrade, the Beijing Olympic Museum has further improved its indoor exhibitions and outdoor landscapes to highlight Beijing’s “Double Olympics” elements.

International Olympic Committee President Bach sent his best wishes for the Chinese New Year to the Chinese people in a video speech, and said: “Beijing is the first ‘Double Olympic City’ in the world to have hosted both the Summer Olympics and the Winter Olympics. ‘, writing the great Olympic history. The upgraded Beijing Olympic Museum is a shining example of the living legacy of the Olympic Games, and it will inspire every visitor with eternal Olympic values.”

Sima Hong, deputy mayor of Beijing, said that as a cultural carrier that highlights the unique charm of the “Double Olympic City”, the Beijing Olympic Museum will organize a variety of exhibitions, educational research, and cultural exchange activities, actively promote the development of sports culture and tourism, and strengthen cooperation with Cooperate with international organizations such as the International Olympic Committee to jointly promote the Olympic spirit.

At present, the basic exhibition hall of the Beijing Olympic Museum has the theme of “Realizing Dreams of Double Olympics and Creating a Future Together” and is divided into three parts: “Winter Olympics”, “Summer Olympics Memory” and “Double Olympics City”. Hou Ming, director of the Beijing Olympic Museum, said that the museum has set up a special exhibition on China’s models, a “Double Olympics” championship wall and a special interactive exhibition area. The outdoor landscape includes the “Double Olympics Square” and the “Double Olympics Courtyard”, with rich exhibits and diverse forms.

At the opening ceremony, famous sports players Ye Qiaobo, Deng Yaping, Tong Wen, Wu Dajing and Han Xiaopeng also donated rackets, skates, snowboards and other personal collections to the Beijing Olympic Museum. Winter Olympics champion Wu Dajing said: “Each exhibit has its own story behind it and leaves unforgettable memories. It can inspire and drive more people to participate in national fitness and pass on the Olympic spirit.”

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