Exposing Egypt’s Systematic Use of Torture: Urgent Plea to the UN by International Human Rights NGOs

2023-10-02 00:32:10

Six international and Egyptian human rights NGOs on Monday called on the UN to examine Egypt’s “systematic use of torture,” calling the practice a “crime against humanity.”

The coalition of NGOs, including the British Redress and the Egyptian EIPR, denounced in a report on Monday “the massive and systematic use of torture by the authorities”, which, according to it, “constitutes a crime against humanity in view of international law. The report was submitted to the UN Committee Against Torture (CAT).

The CAT is due to examine, on November 14 and 15, Egypt’s compliance with the Convention against Torture, of which it is a signatory. Cairo regularly denies allegations of torture in detention.

In their report, the NGOs identify “beatings, electric shocks, sexual violence and denial of care and family visits”.

They also denounce “a state policy permitted by emergency laws, anti-terrorism laws and immunity” guaranteed to the security apparatus of the most populous country in the Arab world.

The coalition also points to “a brutal repression of civil society” in this country which has thousands of prisoners of conscience and where the opposition has been reduced to nothing in ten years of power of Abdel Fattah al- Yes Yes.

NGOs report an “increase in recent years in the targeting and torture of activists and human rights defenders (…) and minorities such as the LGBT+ community”.

Egyptian opponents say they are victims of torture in detention since the presidency of Gamal Abdel Nasser, who came to power in 1952.

In recent months, Cairo has amnestied or released a thousand prisoners, an attempt, according to observers, to improve Mr. Sissi’s image before the presidential election in December.

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