Exposing the Dangerous Practices of Dr. Lotocki: Uncovering Scandals, Legal Impunity, and the Devastating Consequences of Biopolymer Procedures

2023-07-05 01:03:38

“Put him in prison for life. That instead of paying, fixing, silencing people, that he pays the girls who cannot be operated on,” he said to him.

“I can’t believe he’s still working. A person died, he didn’t ask for forgiveness. Silvina is in this situation, she did not ask for forgiveness or go to the Hospital to see if the family needed anything. We wanted to do it ourselves and he doesn’t do it. He is crazy, I don’t understand Justice, I don’t understand why they don’t remove her registration so she doesn’t continue working. Because he keeps changing places and continues working with terrible impunity. I don’t really understand it”, he protested before BigBang.

The woman was last week in in the afternoonby America TV. There she was able to offer his testimony and, at the same time, see with her own eyes how the Lotocki framework works. “It’s all money, obviously. When I went to the apartment and it was (Luis) Ventura, I told my friend: ‘If she talks, everything is fine, but if she shuts up, it’s because they gave her money.’ And she actually kept quiet: ‘I’m not going to talk about this topic’, this or that. The same way, the people who can defend Lotocki, sooner or later are going to pay for it. There is a karma. Everything is paid in this life. You can’t cover the sun with one finger. It is seen that he is supported, that he pays the judges, senators, “he denounced.


“If the guy is putting so much money, but so much, to silence Ventura, so that it is not spoken in some media, the judges, that you do not silence them with 10 thousand dollars. Why don’t you put up the money to pay the girls so that they can at least have one of the surgeries?”, Beatrice insisted.

Lotocki’s former patient also recounted how the day the health professional intervened with toxic material was like. “The day it was my turn to go, I went, I gave him the money, he gave me a pill, he told me it was to calm me down, but I fell asleep. And when I woke up I was already there, I don’t know if injected, or however I put it “, he recalled. “I don’t know how a doctor can put a substance on a sleeping person, with which you know that sooner or later you are going to end up killing him. I don’t understand how it occurs to him, what goes through his head,” Verger remarked.

“There are girls that wake them up right away and others that don’t. This can wake them up at two years, at five, at 10, at 15, and there is a margin up to 20. But there comes a time when it bursts and spreads throughout your body,” Verger explained about the danger of methacrylate and other biopolymers.

Verger underwent surgery in Colombia, one of the few countries in the world that has legislation that completely prohibits the use of methacrylate and other biopolymers. “I was opened around the waist. It was quite complicated. It reached the gluteus muscle. Now I am recovering and I have to see if it migrated to the legs. The problem there is that they cannot be operated on. So, with time, they have to be cut off”, he revealed.

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