Express Yourself with Customizable Contact Stickers: Apple’s New Update in iOS 17

2023-10-31 05:49:25

Apple offers a new update to its phone application, within the “iOS 17” operating system, and one of the main new features of the update is: Customizable contact stickers, which are a new way to express themselves when it comes to calls. Contact sticker When calling contacts, the stickers for the new update allow you to customize how the calling person is represented. You can also use pictures and emojis to customize your contact sticker, which appears on someone’s iPhone when you call them. Like the iPhone lock screen, you can Matching images with attractive typography, according to what was published by the “macrumors” website. The new update’s contact sticker doesn’t just appear in calls. It’s also part of the calling person’s contact card in the Contacts app. This provides consistency in the places you communicate and share. Apple is still working on providing APIs to developers so that contact labels appear for third-party VoIP apps as well. How to create a private contact sticker As for the steps through which you can create a contact sticker on devices running iOS 17‌: – Open the Contacts application and tap on your name. – Click on the contact photo and sticker option. – Click on “Edit”. – Click on “Customize”. – Click on the sticker. – Use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to take a photo. – Or choose the photo you want to use from your library, choose a Memoji, or add a simple monogram of your initials. – To go with your chosen image, you can optionally customize the font size, style and color. Note that you cannot change your name from this interface – this must be done by changing your contact information. – Scroll through the label to preview a selection of filters, including black and white, duotone, and color wash in the color of your choice. – When you’re ready, tap “Done” to preview what the person sees when you call them. -If you’re satisfied with the look, click Continue. – You can now choose to edit the crop of your contact photo, choose a different photo to use, or skip this step.

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