Extraordinary news for the Company, which was preparing murders of prosecutors and police officers

Sentences of up to 8 years’ imprisonment were imposed by the court on 7 members of the drug group, which was preparing murders of prosecutors and investigating police officers

Sentences of 8 and 4 years of “imprisonment” were handed down on February 17, 2021. The specialized criminal court of I.Y. and P.S. for leading an organized criminal group for the production, possession and distribution of drugs on the territory of Sofia, called the “Company”, as well as for preparing the murder of two prosecutors and two investigating police officers.

The court sentenced the defendant in the same case, S.G., to five years in prison. because he incited the leaders of the group I.Y. and P.S. to organize the assassinations. The contract was awarded by SG from prison, where he was serving a sentence for another crime.

Two of the defendants in the case were sentenced by the court to effective sentences of 5 years’ imprisonment each, and the other two to 4 years each.

Ten of the defendants in the criminal association pleaded guilty before the end of the trial, reached agreements with the prosecution and are already serving effective sentences of 2 to 4 years “imprisonment”.

The evidence gathered by the prosecution in the case shows that I.Y. and P.S. organized the criminal group in early 2018. The goal was not only the production, possession and distribution of drugs on the territory of Sofia, but also the establishment of a monopoly on drug distribution in the city. For this purpose, methods of force were imposed on competitors, dealers and debtors. Who to punish or coerce was determined by the leaders.

The group distributed the full range of drugs, most often sourcing goods from illegal traffickers from Turkey and Macedonia. In addition, she produced amphetamine and marijuana in Kostinbrod with the personal participation of the manager IJ, and had her own warehouse in a villa near the city.

In a short time, the participants built a network of their distributors in different districts of the capital. With threats and beatings, local dealers were forced to work for them, incl. and 13-14 year old students. The group had a common car fleet, and observed strict secrecy in the contacts between the participants. Each drug was code-named: cocaine was called “lions”, heroin was called “coffee”, ecstasy was called “buttons” or “candy”, marijuana was called “nettle” or “dollars”, amphetamine was called “alpha romeo”, “stone” “Or” cheese “, etc.

As early as mid-2018, the criminal association set a record for distribution per day – a kilogram of marijuana, 10,000 ecstasy tablets, almost a kilogram of amphetamines.

The group also organized a showdown with the people who hindered their rapidly growing illegal activities – prosecutors and employees of the Ministry of Interior, who conducted investigations and participated in court hearings against members of the criminal association and their relatives.

In May 2018, on behalf of SG, the leaders of the group planned the assassinations of two magistrates and two police officers. This included the provision of weapons and direct perpetrators, the establishment of addresses and vehicles, their usual routes and habits. The preparation was undertaken by I.Y. and S.P. The planned assassinations were not carried out due to the discovery and detention of the participants on June 27, 2018.

We remind you that again on the instructions of SG, in 2016 a warden at the Sofia Prison was killed, a drug dealer was seriously injured with a machete, and masked men beat the head of the Orthopedic Clinic at the hospital “St. Anna ”Prof. Stefan Stanchev. As a result of the beating, the doctor lost one eye. For these acts SG is a defendant in another case of the Specialized Criminal Court.

The verdicts of the Specialized Criminal Court of the seven participants in the case led by I.Y. and P.S. the criminal group are not final and can be appealed and protested before the Appellate Specialized Criminal Court.



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