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2023-10-23 19:00:00

Cleaning the screens of our electronic devices such as televisions, monitors, computers or notebooks is not a task that should be left to chance.

This is because these types of devices currently present new features, such as touch functions or whose cover is made of special or high-end glass.

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For this reason, you cannot apply any type of product or instruments for cleaning, since they can generate damage such as scratches, stains or other problems with your equipment.

Under this panorama, we will give you a series of tips for the maintenance and cleaning of this type of screens.

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How should a notebook be properly cleaned?

According to what is stated by the brand HPThe first thing to take into consideration is that the entry of any type of liquid into our device can pose a problem. For this reason, liquid sprays and any type of cleaner of this style should be avoided. in general.

“However, there are some liquid substances that are safe to clean the screens of these devices, they say.

For example, if you have spilled liquid on your notebook screen, you can use a bit of isopropyl alcoholalthough you should only use this on non-LCD screens and in case you choose not to buy a special liquid for these tasks.

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If you are going to use the isopropyl alcohol, Be careful that the liquid does not reach the keyboard or speakers of the device.

A microfiber cloth: The most recommended

According to the same brand, a microfiber cloth would be the best option, since paper towels and household cloths could scratch our screen. These are the steps to follow:

Prepare cleaning material with cleaning solution (when required). Never apply cleaning solution directly to your computer screen. Start in the center and gently wipe the screen in a circular motion. Do not use the wet section of the cloth to clean the corners of the screen. Gently wipe the screen until the entire surface is clean and free of dust and dirt.

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