facebook-in-process-to-build-its-own-in-app-podcast-player | Facebook is building a new in-app podcast player

It is reported that Facebook is going to make an in-app podcast player now. The new in-app player will no longer be associated with Facebook’s in-app Spotify miniplayer. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently said that his partnership with Spotify is primarily about ‘music’.

The new feature is expected to be introduced in the next few months. With the new feature, podcasters will be able to share their shows on their Facebook page. With the arrival of the new feature, episodes can be shared and listened to on the Facebook app itself without having to go to Spotify.

Podcast creators like Apple Podcast subscriptions that are coming soon have the potential for subscription payouts. In addition to Spotify and other smaller apps, according to the report, almost all tech giants, including Apple, Google and Amazon, are launching their own podcast products. Facebook is now going to reach out to them with a podcast player as a rival.


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