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Lima, 14/01/2021 06:54 p.m.

Facebook | Greg Messer was in Hervey Bay in Queensland (Australia), when he noticed a group of people observe a common place. Driven by curiosity, he approached the site to see what they were looking at.

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As he told 7News, he saw how a Osprey struggled not to die in the water after getting caught in a line. Without thinking twice, he jumped in to help the animal.

Several of those present took their cell phones to register the rescue. His videos went viral on Facebook, and attracted media attention.

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“In my opinion, the eagle seemed to understand what I was doingShe never tried to peck me, (even) when I put her on her back, ”Messer said.

The man, who has received much praise on Facebook, recounted that he had been rescued from the ocean a few months ago. Thus sees your action as a form of retribution.


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