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An interview with immunologist Stefan Hockertz is circulating online. He criticizes the political reaction to the corona pandemic. However, it is too early for such judgments – a classification by #Factsfuchs.

In a radio interview with a private broadcaster in Berlin, immunologist Stefan Hockertz said: “The reaction of politics is disproportionate, it is authoritarian, it is bossy, it is excessive.” Hockertz also makes numerous statements about the danger of influenza and the coronavirus, which are at least premature and sometimes inaccurate. The interview is currently spreading as a voice message on Whatsapp and in other ways.

BR health expert Jeanne Turczynski already classified Hockertz’s statements in the Bayern 3 Update podcast. Here are the most important passages from it in the #Facts Fox.

Hockertz claims that the new type of corona virus is about the same danger as influenza. It will only be observed more closely. The doctor Wolfgang Wodarg made similar claims – the statements of which we analyzed in an earlier #facts fox. Hockertz also claims that the number of deaths does not indicate how many people actually died from the virus itself. As a result, the danger of the virus seems greater from his point of view. He attributes the many deaths in Italy and Spain not to the virus itself, but to the poor equipment and hygiene in the hospitals.

According to BR health expert Turczynski, the most important answer to Hockertz’s current statements is: “We don’t know all of this.” With comparisons between influenza and the new corona virus, caution is advised. The two had similar clinical pictures. But in the case of Corona, there are no drugs or vaccines, unlike against influenza. Corona is also more contagious and spreads much faster than influenza, according to BR health expert Jeanne Turczynski. This is also detailed here.

A final assessment regarding the deaths is also not yet possible. A comparison is misleading because corona and influenza death rates are measured differently. There is also a #facts fox for this.

Hockertz also claims that most people who are now counted as corona deaths would have “died either way”. They died with Corona and not Corona.

It is correct that every person who has tested positive for the new corona virus and dies is considered a corona death (see this #Factsfox).

Hockertz also claims that only around five percent of the population would have a severe course of Covid-19 disease.

Of the fact finder The Tagesschau points out that groups that are particularly at risk of being infected include “old, sick, predamaged people and smokers”.

According to the Federal Center for Health Education, the number of smokers in Germany alone is 23 percent of the adult population. In addition, he said fact finder Der Tagesschau: “More than 20 million people are older than 60 years old. And there are a number of risk factors for millions of people from pre-existing conditions. ” This results in a risk group of well over five percent. Experts anticipated that the disease would be “severe in 20 percent of those infected with Covid-19”, said the fact finder.

Find out everything you need to know about Corona here.

The immunologist Hockertz also claims that so many people would die in Italy and Spain in particular because the health systems there had been “broken down” and hospital hygiene was poor.

On the subject of hygiene in hospitals, Claus Wendt from the Institute of Sociology of Health and the Health System at the University of Siegen told the ZDF: Italy had a particularly poor performance in European hospital comparison. “So we would have a first indicator that Italy is comparatively poorly positioned with important hygiene regulations in the health system,” says Wendt.

However, even other factors could play a role in the development of the corona cases, such as the air quality (see this #Factsfuchs).

However, Jeanne Turczynski warned in the Bayern3 podcast against drawing premature conclusions. No one can currently claim to know the truth about the dangerousness of Corona. Politicians have to make decisions. At the moment, some find the measures too late or too mild, some find them too early or too drastic. At the moment, however, final judgments are not possible, said Turczynski.

It is too early for assessments of the corona virus, which put it on a level comparable to influenza.


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#Facts fox: statements by the immunologist Hockertz in the fact check

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