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Faisal’s struggle is over, pocket the Gala Sky Guardianship Certificate

by archyde

Haji Faisal, along with his family and legal team, Sandy Arifin, went to the West Jakarta Religious Court to collect a letter of guardianship for Gala Sky which had previously been determined to be in the hands of Aunt Ardiansyah’s father.

This is so special considering the struggle of the father of four to fight for the guardianship rights of his grandson for 11 months.

“Alhamdulillah, as of today, the decision that has been carried out for almost 11 months already has the right legal force, so Ananda Gala Sky, guardianship rights and custody of his child have officially gone to Hajj Faisal and his family,” said Sandy Arifin when met at the West Jakarta Religious Court. , Tuesday (27/9/2022).

Wijayano Hadisukrisno as Haji Faisal’s legal team explained that with this decision, all matters related to Andriansyah’s Gala Sky must go through Haji Faisal as the holder of the guardian’s rights.

“With the decision that has permanent legal force, therefore hadhanah and guardianship are all in Pak Haji’s family, it means that everything related to Gala Sky must contact Pak Haji Faisal, whoever he is, starting from this second starting today,” explained Wijayano Hadisukrisno .

“If yesterday it was not legally enforceable, now it has legal force, everything related to the gala sky, related to Pak Haji, or his legal representative,” he explained.

Haji Faisal was grateful for this because what he had hoped for had been granted.

“I am thankful that what we wished for has been granted by Allah SWT and we are all grateful,” said Haji Faisal.

Not to forget, Haji Faisal appreciated the performance of Sandy Arifin’s legal team who for the past 11 months accompanied him to fight for guardianship rights for the Gala Sky Andriansyah.

“For about 11 months I was accompanied by the best people, he and he. He fought selflessly, they fought voluntarily, I was amazed,” he concluded.

Watch the Video: Points to Consider the Gala Sky Guardianship Appeal Decision

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