Famous American DJ Trilo G willing to be arrested by beautiful girl policeman in New York

2023-06-04 03:45:49

2023/06/04 11:45

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American DJ and radio host saw a girl policeman in New York and was willing to be arrested on the spot. (Picture taken from “basstrinitnt” TikTok)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report]American DJ and radio host Trilo G recently saw a young girl policeman being fascinated on the spot in New York, and asked the other party to arrest him on the spot. After the video was uploaded to the Internet, it attracted the attention of many netizens. This policewoman is really beautiful.

according toThe New York PostAccording to the report, Trilo G said to the camera at the time that when everyone talked about the most beautiful thing in New York, it was undoubtedly this policewoman, and then the camera turned to the girl police officer, and she was also very amused, laughing Saying thank you.

Trilo G then asked the policewoman, “Can you lock me up?” Zhengmei police quickly said with a smile that it was impossible, and Trilo G had to give up in the end. After seeing the video, many netizens were also fascinated by the policewoman, saying that they wanted to be searched by her, and some people wanted to cross the road in front of her, just so that she could personally issue a ticket.

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