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Thiruvananthapuram∙ The capital city was rocked by the world football final full of passion and excitement. The city was buzzing with excitement as fans took to the streets at night to cheer and dance for the title-winning Argentina. Argentina fans celebrated the victory by bursting fireworks and distributing candy along the coast. The victory celebration at Shankhumugham and Technopark started at 11 pm and continued till dawn. The fans were doubly excited when Argentina regained control of the match that seemed to be lost in extra time.

The excitement of the fans in front of the screens set up in the city was overwhelming as Argentina advanced towards the dream of the world title. Argentina took a two-goal lead early on and the fans expected a one-sided victory. By this time the French fan camp was in deep despair. After the 80th minute, Argentina fans were disappointed when France pulled two goals back two minutes apart. Later it was seen that most of the fans of the other teams who were eliminated without seeing the final took the side for France. Both teams, who did not wait for a draw after scoring two goals each, raised their hopes in the extra time.

With the third goal scored by Messi, the victory seemed to be with Argentina, but the penalty goal scored by Mbappe changed the course of the game. As the two teams remained equal, the fans of both groups were on edge again. Every second was excruciating. Finally, Argentina won the gold cup in a penalty shootout. The match was screened on big screens at around 30 centers including Technopark, Jimmy George Stadium, Vanjiyur Junction, Manaviyam Road, Mascot Hotel, East Kottayam, Vettukad, Lulumal, Shankhumukham, Marutankuzhi Patayani Road, Poonthura, Bimapalli Ground, Thiruvallam Bypass, Indiranagar Junction, Vellayambalam, Perurkada.

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