Farmers from FDSEA and JA Take Action at Carrefour and Grand Frais Stores: A20 Blockade

2024-01-27 16:18:00

Farmers from FDSEA and JA from Corrèze and Lot left their dam on the A20, north of Brive (Corrèze) to go on a trip this Saturday, to the shelves of Carrefour and Grand Frais stores, in the west zone.

The farmers’ blockade still stands on the A20 motorway, north of Brive, in Corrèze, on Saturday January 27. But some demonstrators, undoubtedly having ants in their legs, chose to go for a trip to the west zone.

Around ten tractors therefore sped along the A20, in its portion currently closed to traffic, and disembarked in the commercial area which welcomes thousands of customers every Saturday.

Farmers’ blockades: “we have the entire highway that passes through Brive”

Carts full of imported products

One team went to the shelves of the Carrefour hypermarket, the other to Grand Frais. On site, the idea was to check the origin of the products and leave the premises with carts filled with food of foreign origin. These must then be donated to the Restos du coeur and Food Bank.

In the aisles of the Carrefour hypermarket, angry farmers targeted cold meats, fruits, vegetables, processed products, etc. At the same time, the farmers explained their approach to customers.

In the end, at the exit, shortly before 6 p.m., the farmers found themselves with four carts of food. The objective is to distribute them to Corréziens who need them, through the Restos du coeur and the Food Bank.

Pomme Labrousse and Agnès Gaudin

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