Faroe Islands Upset Germany in U19 World Cup Handball: A Shocking Defeat

2023-08-07 18:23:16

Now, at the U19 World Cup, the handball player set the course for the quarter-finals in Croatia. The selection of the German Handball Federation (DHB) slipped at 28:30 (10:12) against the mini-nation from the Faroe Islands.

Faroe Islands beat Germany

Coach Emir Kurtagic’s team marched through the preliminary round with 6:0 points and only conceding 57 goals (tournament best). The first main round game on Monday afternoon against the Faroe Islands was the first acid test, it went horribly wrong.

Kurtagic before the throw: “Of course we want to get through, and because of the results we have respect for our opponents. Nevertheless, we continue to pay more attention to our game, which has done us well so far.”

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Against the Faroese, the DHB boys had to watch out for Oli Mittun (18). The half-left from the Swedish first division club IK Sävehof had already scored 37 goals after the preliminary round, leading the scorer list.

Kurtagic: “He’s an outstanding player, but in general the Faroe Islands have a strong team.” The co-favorite Swedes were knocked out in the preliminary round against the mini-nation.

The DHB trainer rightly warned. His boys are up 6-2 and seem to have everything under control. puff cake! In the 23rd minute the supposed outsider takes the lead for the first time with the 7:8.

Faroese top talent Mittun scored five goals in the first half. Germany, on the other hand, only uses 45 percent of their shots on goal because opponent keeper Aleksandar Lacok conjures up a world-class rate in the first round – 47 percent saved balls!

After the break it becomes a wild exchange of blows, in the 38th minute the DHB troop equalizes to 17:17. There is hope, but it is immediately trampled on by the mighty Northern Lights. In the 48th minute they are 24:20 ahead again, when top star Mittun already has eleven goals on his personal account.

The Vikings threw out a lead of up to seven goals, in the final phase the DHB boys defended offensively and fought back to 26:28 (58th). But at least one more point? No, the Faroese saved themselves with the 30:28 over time.

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Quelle: YouTube: Deportivo Alavés 08.07.2023

Immediately afterwards, Iran meets Saudi Arabia in main round group 4. The Iranians are Germany’s next opponent on Tuesday (7 p.m.). Then it’s about everything.

Best DHB scorers: Torsten Anselm (SG Pforzheim/Eutingen) 7, Fritz Haake (SC Magdeburg) 6, Marvin Siemer (Füchse Berlin) 5

Best Faroe Islands bowlers: Oli Mittun 13, Sak Vedelsbol and Jákup Egholm 6 each

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