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2023-07-02 05:30:55

In contrast to yesterday, the weather has been clear since morning, and the temperature is steadily rising. ~> Day 2. According to the weather forecast, here in Uji City, the maximum temperature of this day at Taiyogaoka will be 34 degrees. On the second day, when the sun was dazzling like a summer festival from the morning, the three of WANIMA opened the stage of Genji.


Loud cheers and applause echoed through the venue even before the SE “JUICE UP!! no Theme” played. The anticipation and euphoria of the audience, who were first in hand and filled up to the back of the venue and the top of the hill, exploded with the sound effects. With the appearance of KENTA (Vo, B), KO-SHIN (G, Cho), and FUJI (Dr, Cho), the temperature inside the venue is rising.

KENTA swung his towel around and shouted, “Great strategy, first thing in the morning. Can you sing ‘together’?” This “together” was performed last year at . Also, unlike the emotional feeling of “Tomomo”, which shared this moment of live performance last year when there were restrictions such as not being able to speak, “Tomomo”, which is performed as the first song this time, is a song that creates this place together. It has become.

Above all, the audience’s singing voice, which fits perfectly with the word wholeheartedly, echoes from the beginning to the end of the song. The band ensemble has also become tougher, with FUJI’s dynamic performance standing up and making the audience sing along even more, and KO-SHIN’s guitar coloring the song with melody harmonies and bold riffs, and KENTA’s powerful vocals are relaxed. the sun goes over the hills It’s an opening that brings back several years’ worth of songs, singalongs.

And from here on, the audience will jump one after another by throwing songs one after another, creating a big swell in the venue by making them dance. “Hey Lady” where the light riff invites you to step, and “Ameagari” where the speedy beat runs straight through the venue after shouting “It’s sunny” (KENTA) and makes an exhilarating splash. From where WANIMA’s bright melody with clear good harmony stretched into the sky, followed by “Yesterday’s Song”, the audience clapped with aggressive drums and the audience danced to the pleasant guitar cutting.

The sound that pushes hard and the sound that incorporates a flexible playfulness everywhere has a refined powerfulness. The true value is “Japanese Pride”. While playing the bass, KENTA sometimes jumped to the edge of the stage with a hand-held mic and lifted the audience up with his aggressive flow, and the ensemble accelerated freely while traversing a variety of genres, bringing joy to the audience. Raise your voice and become a mob. KENTA let out a voice at the spectacle.

KENTA said, “Daisakusen, 10-FEET, Thank you to everyone.” Vocals with plenty of feelings have a gentle yet high temperature. The venue, which naturally becomes a large chorus, is also emotional. KENTA introduced, “I’m glad we were able to hold the event without incident. It’s a song I made when I was about to forget why I’m standing in this big strategy, why I’m doing music. It’s an important song.” , The continued “dazzling light” echoes as if to illuminate the various stories of the people gathered here. Many Kobushi are raised in the ensemble that has the power to cut through the dark clouds.

After ruffling the venue with “Iikara”, he said, “I want to do a song that’s like a reward once a year. Sho” (KENTA) started off with a mashup of 10-FEET’s “VIBES BY VIBES” arranged by WANIMA. Three members of 10-FEET will appear from the stage sleeves, and the 6-member system of dynamic and heavy “VIBES BY VIBES” will make the venue jump bigger. KENTA made the audience crouch on the spot, and in the chorus, they jumped all at once, shouting “Fly!” It’s said that it’s a once-a-year reward, but it’s also unique to that you can see a collaboration where the two bands are happily colliding with each other.

WANIMA’s stage, which seemed to be the number one and continued to raise the voltage. The last song was “Now, let’s blow it away” (KENTA), and with “BIG UP”, which was built up aggressively with groovy, the volume of the singalong was increased. It was truly a “live” stage where they sang and created together with the audience.

Coverage and text: Saori Yoshiba
Photographed by Yukihide”JON…”Takimoto

set list

Theme of SE. JUICE UP!!
1. together
2. Hey Lady
3. After the rain
4. Yesterday’s Song
5. Japanese Pride
7. Glare
8. Because it’s okay
10. BIG UP

■Sponsored by 10-FEET

July 1st (Sat) Kyoto Prefectural Yamashiro Comprehensive Athletic Park Taiyougaoka Special Outdoor Stage
July 2 (Sun) Kyoto Prefectural Yamashiro Comprehensive Athletic Park Taiyougaoka Special Outdoor Stage
open9:30 / start11:00 *Scheduled to finish at 20:00
1 Hachikenyadani, Hironocho, Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture 611-0031
●Performers ※Japanese syllabary order●
▼July 1st (Sat)
[Genji no Stage]Creep Hype / Ken Yokoyama / dustbox / 10-FEET / Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas / 04 Limited Sazabys / Yabai T-shirt shop / ROTTENGRAFFTY
[Ushiwaka no Stage]ANARCHY / Wienners / Kazuki Heaping / KUZIRA / Tomad Algorithm / Backdrop Cinderella / FOMARE
▼July 2 (Sun)
[Genji no Stage]ACIDMAN / ORANGE RANGE / go!go!vanillas / coldrain / 10-FEET / Dragon Ash / Maximum The Hormone / WANIMA
[Ushiwaka no Stage]a crowd of rebellion / ammo / ENTH / Otoboke bi-ba- / wod / NUBO / Hakubi
▼Held on both days
[Kurama No Ma]*Teams participating on July 2nd will depend on tournament results
*Artists are subject to change due to circumstances. In that case, the ticket price will not be refunded.
▼Ticket ※Sold Out
[Normal bill]
・1-day ticket 8,800 yen (tax included)
・2-day ticket 17,600 yen (tax included)
[Children’s card]
・1-day ticket 3,300 yen (tax included)
・2-day ticket 6,600 yen (tax included)
* As of July 2023, elementary school students (born between April 2, 2011 and April 1, 2017) can apply for dofuda. Please be sure to come with an adult (regular ticket purchaser). You cannot enter with just a dofuda.
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