Father gives his children to an unknown woman so that they can leave Ukraine

After the unfortunate events that are taking place on Ukrainian territory, the story of a father who, desperate to save his children, handed them over to an unknown woman at the border of Ukraine to Hungary.

The woman who crossed the little ones was identified as Nataliya Ableyeva, who had the mission of delivering the little ones with their mother, a woman who traveled from Italy to meet them, this after the father of the little ones was prohibited from leaving Ukraine.

Why was he banned from leaving?

The Ukrainian authorities have allegedly disclosed that the men 18 and 60 years of age they can fight for their country, so they are forbidden to leave their territory.

The 38-year-old man handed over his children with their passports, a mother’s phone number and fully trusted the unknown woman to hand them over to their mother.

“He handed over the two children to me and trusted me, giving me their passports to bring him,” Nataliya said.

The woman and the two children came to Beregsurány en Hungríato sit in a store and wait for the mother of the little ones.

Their mother was identified as Anna Semyunk, 33 years old, who came for his children when they were exhausted by everything that had happened.

The video of the moment has gone viral on social networks, unleashing endless comments from all Internet users, some in favor and others against the action that the man took by leaving his children with an unknown person without knowing if She was really going to take them to her mother.

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