Father’s engagement is over, then mother reveals new love; Miley Cyrus shared the joy

American singer Miley Cyrus shared the happiness of her mother Tish Cyrus in a new relationship. Tish is in love with actor Dominic Purcell. Mili and Tish revealed this through social media. Miley has previously opened up about her mother Tish’s split with her father Billy Ray Cyrus. Saying that her mother was always sad about her relationship with her father, Miley responded that she was very happy with her mother’s new relationship.

‘I have never seen my mother so happy before. Dominic is very polite and loving. Dominique has all the qualities a mother should have in a partner,’ Miley Cyrus said.

Millie and her mother are also very close friends. Ever since she broke up with Billy, Millie has stood by her mother in support. Miley has said many times in the past that she would find a partner who takes care of her mother in the best possible way. Millie, who said that she is ready to do anything for her mother, expressed all her support for her mother’s romantic relationship with Dominic.

Miley’s father Billy Ray Cyrus recently revealed that he is in love with Australian singer Firerose. Both are engaged. Soon after, Tish Cyrus came out saying that she is in love with Dominic. Many people are wishing Tish and Dominic. Fans are praising Miley Cyrus who always stands by her mother.

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