Fátima Segovia on OnlyFans: Follow in Xoana’s footsteps and now record adult videos with her celebrity boyfriend | SHOWS

The model Fatima Segovia keeps raising the temperature on your account OnlyFans where he is no longer afraid to show explicit content, after his abrupt departure from the comedy show ‘JB en ATV’.

More information: Fátima Segovia ‘La Chuecona’ trolled in ‘JB en ATV’ by her OnlyFans and they shout: “I already saw it all”

Now what is fully dedicated to his OnlyFansthe popular ‘Chuecona’ is not afraid to show it all and leaves nothing to the imagination with her erotic photos and videos.

In this way, Fátima Segovia now follows in the footsteps of Xoana González, who records videos with her husband, and has invited her partner Omar Bolaños to participate in the content she shares on this platform for adults.

As can be seen on social networks, Fátima Segovia has announced that she will make a live broadcast with her partner and father of her children on OnlyFansan announcement that has excited his followers.

Fátima Segovia on OnlyFans: follow in Xoana’s footsteps and now record videos with her partner


In the middle of a sketch of the interview with Gato Cuba, JB dressed as ‘Mascaly’ asked his team if he wanted them to issue a ‘report on the exclusive shots of the Chuecona’.

Upon hearing this, his team began to shout that no, they wanted to see ‘the interview with the cat Cuba’ because they had already seen the ‘Chuecona videos. “I already saw it all”, “Yala”, shouted the JB members on ATV.

“Don’t you want to see Chuecona? Okay…”, Mascaly answered, very surprised, in the parody of the reaction of the other members of the team.


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