FC Bayern: It’s about Niklas Süle! Manuel Neuer contradicts Rummenigge – Bundesliga

Manuel Neuer (35) counters his ex-boss!

After the 3-2 win against Leipzig, the Bayern goalkeeper was asked on “Sky” if he could understand the criticism of ex-board boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (66) on Niklas Süle (26). The defender leaves the record champions for free at the end of the season. Rummenigge took this as an opportunity to pass a critical judgment on Süle.

Rummenigge criticized Süle on “Sky” earlier this week: “The problem is that he never really asserted himself in his position. He was a useful player for Bayern, the club is well occupied even without him in the position. If you were to pick the best players on the team, Niklas Süle isn’t there at the moment.”

Neuer clearly contradicts this!

The national goalkeeper: “Niklas came to us from Hoffenheim. That was also a way until he worked his way up to his peak performance. It’s always a process. I think you can say today that he has prevailed here. That he has shown class performances – this season and before. It is an important cornerstone.”

Süle showed again against Leipzig that he can keep the Bayern defense together. In the back three with Lucas Hernández (25) and Benjamin Pavard (25), the national player saved several times in dire need and was the best Bayern defender (BILD rating 3).

Neuer: “It annoys us all that Niklas is leaving. I think you can say that. Because he’s just a very good player. We will miss him.”

Club boss Oliver Kahn (52) says the reasons for the Süle farewell: “We had very, very many discussions with Niklas and his advisor. We understood the player, but I think that’s also very important the other way around. There are certain limits that we cannot and do not want to go beyond because we also have responsibilities in the economic area.”

Means: The Bayern bosses did not want to meet Süle’s salary requirements and only offered the DFB star an improved salary of around ten million euros per year. For Süle it was probably more about the appreciation in the club. Apparently he only got that from coach Julian Nagelsmann (34) and in the team – but not so much from his bosses and ex-bosses…

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