FC Luzern’s Victory: Breaking Down the Red Card, Penalty, and League Debuts

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Red card, penalty and two league debuts: FC Luzern turned up the heat after a cold start and won 2-1 against Lausanne

The FCL got off to a bad start against Lausanne-Sport. Thanks to Pius Dorn and Severin Ottiger, coach Mario Frick’s team can still secure three points after a fighting performance.

FC Luzern: FC Lausanne-Sport 2:1 (0:1)

The FCL starting lineup

Looking at the line-up against Yverdon, Leny Meyer and Sofyan Chader are in the starting line-up today, unlike on Tuesday. This is because Martin Frydek is injured and Lars Villiger is on the bench.

Ismajl Beka, Asumah Abubakar, Kemal Ademi, Luuk Breedijk, Diego Heller, Sascha Meyer, Noah Rupp and Mauricio Willimann are also reported as missing.

The goals

20 Minute: After a foul by Ardon Jashari on Rare Ilie there is a penalty Caly Sénée confidently converted – even though Pascal Loretz was still close with his hand.

62. Minute: Pius Dorn scores his second goal of the season and is spot on. So Samuel Kalu leaves the ball lying in his overly complicated attempt to clear the ball and Dorn just has to push it in.

89. Minute: What a comeback from Lucerne. Hits shortly before the end Severin Ottiger to make it 2-1 after he was able to attack the Lausanne goal alone after winning the ball. Lausanne’s Chris Kablan looks old here.

Match report

The start of the new year could definitely have been better for the FCL: After the defeat against Yverdon on Tuesday, coach Mario Frick even spoke of a “mini crisis”. With Lausanne-Sport, another team from western Switzerland is visiting Lucerne this Sunday – the FCL had recently shown difficulties against teams from French-speaking Switzerland.

As if things couldn’t get any worse, Nicky Beloko was shown a red card in the fifth minute after a foul on Antoine Bernede. Beloko hit the Lausanne player from behind in the ankle. So the Lucerne team continues early with one man less. At least: the subsequent free kick remained harmless. Leny Meyer failed a little later in the 11th minute because of the Lausanne defense.

Referee Johannes von Mandach shows Nicky Beloko the red card.

Image: Martin Meienberger / Freshfocus

But things get really bitter almost seven minutes later when Ardon Jashari knocks over Rare Ilie and thus causes a penalty and indirectly the 0-1. Mario Frick then substitutes Levin Winkler for Max Meyer. Winkler is making his league debut in a tricky FCL phase. There are also bankruptcies, bad luck and Pius Dorn when the German slips on the ball during an attack. Things just didn’t go well for the FCL in the first half hour.

Kaly Sène (left, Lausanne) against Severin Ottiger (Lucerne).

Image: Martin Meienberger / Freshfocus

Things got tricky again after Sofyan Chader lost the ball in the 35th minute, which Sène promptly knew how to take advantage of. But FCL goalie Pascal Loretz is there. This also applies to another attack by Ilie and Brighton Labeau. Shortly before the break, the Lucerne field players did not show their best side: after a corner, the Lausanne team, who switched quickly, were in the majority. Sène runs towards the goal alone, but shoots the ball just past the post. This means that Lucerne remains 0-1 behind at the break.

Another debut came after half-time when Swedish newcomer Jesper Löfgren came on as a substitute for Leny Meyer. Does the defensive giant bring some stability back into the game? At least emotionally, after a push from Jashari, things remain anything but calm and a pack forms. As soon as tempers calmed down, Lausanne took over the reins again. The VAR also had to check a Lausanne offside action in the 58th minute, which almost led to 0-2. But a little later there was a real crash on the other side – Pius Dorn scored to make it 1-1.

Teddy Okou (left, Lucerne) and teammate Pius Dorn (right) take Antoine Bernede in the middle.

Image: Martin Meienberger / Freshfocus

Now the people of Lucerne want to know. After a nice interaction between Chader and Dorn, Lucerne almost made it 2-1 with just under twenty minutes to go. Then the hosts finally turn up the heat – egged on by the numerous fans. The fact that they have one less man on the pitch is now hardly noticeable. Therefore, it is no wonder that Severin Ottiger scored the deserved 2-1 for the FCL shortly before the end. FC Lucerne has thus impressively overcome the “mini-crisis”, at least for today.

Lars Villiger (left) and Severin Ottiger pose after the goal to make it 2-1 with the dress of Ismajl Beka, who is currently out injured.

Image: Martin Meienberger / Freshfocus

That’s what the FCL coach says

«I have rarely experienced a game like this in which there were so many emotions. It was a very difficult start, we were very weak.”

“In the first half it should be 3-1, Pasci saved our lives. We had trouble with one man less.”

Trainer Mario Frick im Interview.

Those: PilatusToday

FCL reactions

Severin Ottiger in an interview.

Those: PilatusToday

Pascal Loretz im Interview.

Those: PilatusToday

FCL Nuts

New signing Löfgren as defense chief, Winkler with a successful debut: The FCL scores against Lausanne-Sport


Lucerne – Lausanne 2:1 (0:1)
Swissspor-Arena. – 10089 viewers. –
SR From Mandach.
Tore: 20. Sène (Foulpenalty) 0:1. 62. Dorn 1:1. 89. Ottiger (Kadak) 2:1.
Lucerne: Loretz; Ottiger, Jaquez, Simani (71. Haas), Leny Meyer (46. Löfgren); Jashari; Dorn, Beloko; Max Meyer (22. Winkler); Okou (88. Villiger), Chader (71. Kadak).
Lausanne: Letica; Custodian, Creator, Szalai, Poetry (79. Cable); Roche; Ilie (87. Traore), Bernede, Kalu; Stage (79. Giger), Labeau (73. Coyle).
Remarks: Lucerne without Beka (injured), Frydek and Ademi (both sick). Lausanne without Dussenne (suspended), Grippo, Husic and Sanches (all injured). – Red card: 7. Beloko (brutal foul). Warnings: 49. Simani, Custodio (both unsportsmanlike). 54. Szalai, 81. Kablan, 83. Ottiger, 87. Ilie (all foul), 93. Kadak (time game).

Results and table

The ticker to read


Lausanne again: The Lucerne team are heading to Stade Lausanne-Ouchy on Thursday. Kick-off is at 8:30 p.m.

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